A lot of men have abruptly left “The Bachelorette” during its seven seasons, but not all of them have been as genuine and calm as Constantine Tzortzis, who left “BacheloretteAshley Hebert during the pair’s dinner in Fiji on Monday’s episode.

“I loved Constantine’s exit,” “Bachelorette” insider Jesse Csincsak said in an email Monday. “He was just being honest, and you can’t hate him for that! It takes a big man to do what he did, and I respect him for that!”

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Constantine was a huge hit with viewers this season, and Ashley appeared to have strong feelings building for the 30-year-old restaurant owner, especially after a successful hometown date. But when the pair began their date in Fiji, Ashley couldn’t help but worry that Constantine wasn’t ready to propose to her. By dinner, Ashley had her answer; Constantine wasn’t ready for the Fantasy Suite, and hewasn’t sure if he was overthinking the process or his feelings for Ashley.


More of ‘Bachelorette’ insider Jesse Csincsak’s thoughts on episode nine:

Overall, how do you think the exotic dates in Fiji went? Did you have a favorite?

Honestly, this week was super boring in my book. Fiji is beautiful, and I loved that Constantine told her he wasn’t into her like a gentleman, but other than that BORING!!! Ryan P was soo produced and is such a what can I do for you ABC? To be the next bachelor guy it’s sickening!!!

Recently, Ashley made a comment that gave viewers the idea that if they paid close attention, they would easily see who Ashley was picking. Have you seen any moments that screamed “Ashley picks _____”?

You can tell that the editing room has done a ton to keep everyone wanting to know who the front runner is, but I think all the chemistry is so chopped up we will never really be able to tell until the end.

Neither Ben nor J.P. came right out with “I love you” during their exotic dates, which is what we see happen a lot of the time. Do you think this was a misstep on either of their parts? Or do you think Ashley heard what she needed to?

I think Ashley went on this show wanting to find love but super guarded just like she was on Brad’s season … I think these guys are guarded just like she is, so with that being said, I think everyone is right where they should be. Hopefully, it will work out and they will end up happy.

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If you had the chance, what advice would you give Ben and J.P. going into the final week with Ashley?

Just be yourself, and if you get hurt at least you were YOU! Then when you get home, don’t log onto the internet and listen to all the crap being written about you! Stay outta Hollywood for at least a year and life will go on. It’s just a dumb reality TV show, it’s not the end of the world!

Any thoughts on the “Men Tell All” preview?

The Men Tell All would be amazing if Bentley would be there to have all the guys confront him!


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