“The Bachelorette” 7 star Ashley Hebert had viewers wondering why on Earth she would keep Bentley Williams after the bachelor made some pretty inappropriate and mind-blowing comments during his confessionals – “great body … amazing butt … rockin’ legs … and havin’ her tickle my p*ck*e, I mean, that would be amazing.” Bentley told viewers his interest in Ashley was solely his love of the competition. There is no shame in her not being his type, but the fact that he stays for the competition has viewers frustrated and annoyed. So why does Ashley keep Bentley?

Well, the Bentley that Ashley knows is amazing. He is funny. He is charming. He says adorable things and pretends to be insecure about his chances of getting a rose. Oh, and there is the whole would-never-stay-for-the-wrong-reasons-because-I-have-a-daughter-at-home thing, which plays very well for him. She told viewers she has a good gut for people with the wrong intentions, but Ashley sees a vulnerable Bentley, and she has already told him she has feelings for him and showed him by giving him the season’s first group date rose.

“It’s almost like the game’s over before we even push the start button,” he told viewers. “Like, let’s not even play.

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Bentley may have gotten a rose during week two, but three bachelors were not so lucky. At the mixer, the men who didn’t receive date invitations tried to get even a few minutes with Ashley, especially Jeff, who was ready to take his mask off but was interrupted by Matt the minute he went to pull the mask off. Despite not revealing his face, Jeff, like Bentley, did receive a rose; Stephen, Matt and Ryan M., however, did not receive roses at the ceremony.

Ashley and William marry – almost

Ashley’s first one-on-one date was with William. The pair jetted off to Las Vegas, where Ashley was ready to see just how far she could take things with her bachelor. She chose William for the date because she knew he would be able to make light of any situation, and he definitely tried to prove that when Ashley revealed the pair was spending the afternoon preparing for a Vegas-style wedding. It all started with an innocent cake tasting but quickly moved to picking out ring, meeting a minister and going through the motions of a ceremony. William was noticeably panicked, stumbling over his words and sweating a little, but he took it all in stride, even when Ashley walked down the aisle in a white dress; he was actually a really great sport. But no one was in more shock than Ashley when William said “I do,” forcing her to be the one who said “I don’t” because she feared it would be legally binding. The couple laughed it off and moved on to their next part of the date – dinner in the middle of Bellagio Lake. At dinner, William opened up about his dad’s alcoholism and subsequent death and how it has shaped his perspective on life. The story was a lot for Ashley, whose father is an alcoholic, but it showed that there was more to William than a winning smile and a few cute jokes.

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William went into the date feeling confident and comfortable, saying it didn’t feel like the couple’s first date. It didn’t take long for Ashley to feel the same way; William saying “I do” proved to her he was there for the right reason, and she told viewers she felt she could fall in love with him. At the end of the night, Ashley told William she saw in him a friend and a possible love and was very happy with the time they spent together. He accepted her rose, and she told viewers she wasn’t sure if any guy could beat or even match the bar William had set.

Ashley and 12 hit the Monte Carlo stage

Ashley invited Constantine, Ryan M., Ben F., Chris, Nick, Bentley, West, Lucas, Stephen, Blake, Matt and Ames on the season’s first group date, which included a private performance from hip hop dance group the Jabbawockeez at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino. While the men were captivated by the performance, Ashley stunk away to make a special cameo and surprise the men with a dance competition. They were split into two teams and asked to come up with a routine that would wow Ashley enough to keep them with her in Vegas for the night. West and Constantine were the idea guys for each group, and it was surprising how similar their ideas were – one group was staging a rose ceremony while the other was staging a wedding. Neither team was full of fantastic dancers, but both performances were adorable. The Jabbowackeez chose the winning team, which got to perform with the group that night as well as got to stay in Vegas.

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Later that night, a few of the men found time alone with Ashley to open up about themselves. The biggest surprise was West opening up about the death of his wife. He told Ashley he has learned to cherish every moment and explained it is the reason he is sometimes reserved. It was a great moment for the pair, although apparently it wasn’t good enough to beat Mr. Smooth Moves, Bentley, who charmed his way to the night’s rose with a conversation where he pretended to be insecure about her feelings for him.

Ashley and her magic coin

The final week two date came down to the flip of a coin. It was Mickey’s and J.P.’s faces on the coin Ashley sent, but it was Mickey’s face that landed face up, sending him to Vegas for a one-on-one date with Ashley. (At the mixer, J.P. used his own coin in his favor to sneak a kiss with Ashley.) The pair spent their entire date making decision based on the coin, including which wine to drink, how Mickey would carry Ashely to dinner, and a secret coin flip that ended in Ashley telling Mickey the last time she cried – reliving her time on “The Bachelor” via episodes aired.

Ashley and Mickey enjoyed a dinner in a hotel suite overlooking the Vegas skyline. Ashley was intent on getting to know Mickey, and luckily, he was willing to let her know who he is, which seems to stem a lot from his mother, who passed out six years ago. She loved the way Mickey had turned a tragic event into a positive outlook. The pair’s night ended with a walk on the hotel’s beach and a private performance from Colbie Caillat.

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