Tonight on the Bachelorette , (spoiler alert ) Ali Fedotowsky finds out that Justin “Rated R” Rego has been two timing her. In fact the only reason why he came on the show is for a little fame and fortune. Bachelorette Ali finds out in a shocking phone call that Justin Rego not only has one girlfriend but he really has two.

A few weeks ago,  Kimberly Kerekes sold her story to a gossip magazine stating she was one of his two women. She says, “I agreed to keep dating him because he told me it was to launch his career and it had nothing to do with actually falling in love,” Kimberly said … regretting it now.

The girl who ends up throwing Justin Rego under the bus is Jessica Spillas. How exactly did Jessica get Bachelorette Ali’s phone number?  I Know this is so fake and scripted. ( SEE MY BLOG POSTED ABOVE AFTER THE SHOW FOR THE EXPLANATION OF WHY THIS ISN’T POSSIBLE )

After finding out that she had been duped, Bachelorette Ali kicks Justin Rego immediately to the curb. If Justin is anything like the other guys post interview, most of them said they felt no chemistry with Bachelorette Ali. Is that their ego talking because they didn’t get a rose or do they really feel that way?

In the end, rumor is Bachelorette Ali picks no one. Why? Because Freaky Frank leaves her during the fantasy date to go back to his old girlfriend. I can’t believe she really would have picked Frank over the rest of the guys. I guess Ali’s just too hot and with her wallet being just a bit fatter, she’s going to follow in Fake Jake Pavelka’s footsteps. She’s going to go Hollywood. Does this mean we have to watch her on Dancing With the Stars? Lets hope not. I would rather see Chris Lambton or Robert Martinez.

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