Bob Guiney, one of the stars of the popular ABC-TV reality series “The Bachelor,” has been sued for breach of contract by the show’s producers.

In a lawsuit filed Friday, Guiney and his record company, Wind-up Records, were sued for promoting his new CD, “3 Sides,” and music video.

And Syndicated Productions Inc. — a division of Telepictures Productions — wants to stop Guiney from making any more public appearances in connection with the CD.

The producers also are asking for unspecified monetary damages.

Stars of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” series sign contracts with exclusivity clauses prohibiting them from promoting any other products without permission, according to the lawsuit.

Guiney caught the public’s eye in the first season of “The Bachelorette.” After being rejected, he was picked to star in the fourth season of “The Bachelor.”

Michael J. O’Connor, a lawyer for And Syndicated Productions, did not immediately return a call seeking comment. There was no immediate response Sunday to a call seeking comment from Wind-up Records.

According to L.A.’s KNBC-TV, Judge Dean Pregerson, an L.A.-based judge for the Central District of California federal courts, ruled that ASP had failed to show that the clause of Bob’s contract limiting his “participation” in any media outlet, commercials, or advertisements without the producers’ express permission is not overly broad and thus unenforceable.


Judge Pregerson ruled that ASP ( The Producers ) had failed to provide sufficient evidence to prove its contention that Bob had agreed to be available for publicity and special episodes after his services on the show were concluded. The ruling was consistent with Judge Pregerson’s prior ruling denying a preliminary injunction to ASP ( The Producers ).

So in Lamens terms The Producers ended up losing this lawsuit which was NO SUPRISE to many !! Just google – Bob Guiney Lawsuit and see for yourself !!

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