Bachelor Pad 3” aired the season premiere last night on ABC and fans can’t get enough of this show already. On Tuesday morning, I was able to talk to Jesse Csincsak, a past winner of “The Bachelorette,” about the show and his thoughts on it. Here is what he had to say about the show:

What did you think of Ed Swiderski getting drunk and swimming in his underwear on the first night?

Dude thinks hes mans gift to woman… I am confused aren’t you ??

Were you surprised to see Chris Bukowski already kissing Jamie Otis?

nope Chris is in the I got my heart broken I am gonna feel better about it mode !

Were you surprised they bonded together and sent home two newbies?

I was wondering how long the super fans will last and apparently not long

Who do you think will make it to the end of “Bachelor Pad 3?”

I hope Ryan Hoag and Sarah Newlon however if Stagliano doesn’t win again after knowing the way the process works he should be ashamed of himself !

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