Bachelor Pad 3” aired a new episode on Monday night. Today on Wednesday, I was able to talk to Jesse Csincsak over email in an exclusive interview and find out his thoughts on episode 2 of the show.

Here is what he had to say:

Were you shocked to see Sarah hooking up with Ed and then voting against him?

Nope this is Bachelor Pad these people use whatever they can to WIN the $$$ All is fair in love and war !!

Do you think she will go home soon from this move?

Almost Everyone who does something like this will have to pay for it at some point weather its final voting etc so yes at some point she will PAY!

What do you think of Chris Bukowski hooking up with two different women?

Good for him !!! hahahhahahahah hes not married GOOD FOR HIM !!!

Were you surprised to see the twins walk out on their own?

Nope!! It cracks me up every year these people on facebook and twitter name themselves BACHELOR EXPERTS thinking they know everything about the show when they don’t have a clue!! Here is a clue people if you have never been on the show from start to finish your not a bachelor expert!! Actually you don’t have a clue and for anyone who thinks I am kidding just send these two girls an email !! they will explain how much BS goes on behind the scenes that you will never see on camera = The Lies / The Producers Back Stabbing People Etc NO ONE who has never gone through this process could ever begin to understand !!

What did you think of Ryan going home so soon?

My Boy Ryan Hoag is such a DOWN TO EARTH GOOD GUY he had no Business being on this show with all these SNAKES !!

Am sad he didn’t get the money but am glad for him that he is done with all the BS

whats funny is all these producers literally RUIN peoples lives one day at a time as a JOB then when something bad happens to them they cry like little girls !! KARMA KARMA KARMA every time a producer gets a flat tire or something along those lines happens an ANGEL GETS ITS WINGS !!!

“Bachelor Pad 3” airs on Mondays at 7 p.m. CST each week in the Oklahoma City area. Spoilers for this show are out if you want to know who makes it to the end.

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