In an Astrochicks exclusive, a shocking Bachelor fan cruise scam has been brewing behind the scenes.  This summer, Julie Muir the former publicist for Justin Rego, set up a Reunion cruise for Bachelor and Bachelorette fans.  The Carnival cruise was to take place this month, where fans could meet reality TV’s hottest guys and girls on a 3 night cruise to the Bahamas. It was advertised guests were to include: Ty Brown, Kasey Kahl, Jesse Kovacs, David Good, Robby Descant, Juan Barbieri, Natalie Getz and EVEN Justin Rego. In the past, she has helped coordinate several successful events around Bachelor Reunion promotions.

On Sunday, Astrochicks received an email from one of the Bachelor fans who bought tickets for the Reunion cruise. They paid Julie upfront to meet their favorite reality star, the only problem is the Carnival cruise appears to be cancelled and Julie has not refunded any money yet. In fact, several Bachelor fans are considering filing a lawsuit over the incident to get their money back.

Here’s what one Bachelor fan said: “I was due to go on this cruise, departing Jan 31st, after paying out my money to Julie. Everything seemed normal, until it came to weeks before the cruise, and we had no itinerary or information as promised. Okay, so we post on her Facebook page for the Bachelor cruise, and ask when we’ll receive our information (my friend is also booked on the cruise, and also asked similar questions). Deleted. Magically. Hmm.  Try again– a half dozen times– same thing.”

The Bachelor fan continues: “Fishy, that the official cruise webpage/homepage (not the Facebook one above), randomly goes down, around Christmas. Odd, indeed. If I so much as post something on her Facebook wall asking her to contact me about this– it gets removed. Then, equally fishy is that Justin Rego starts making comments on his Facebook about how Julie owes him money (noting also now that she’s not his publicist). I email him to ask about the cruise, and he says he hasn’t been able to contact Julie Muir and has no info about whether or not it’s still happening. She’s MIA.”

Here’s the shocking part the Bachelor fan says: “It gets WORSE. I start getting emails on Facebook from other Bachelor Reunion cruise attendees, saying that all of this is a SCAM. Apparently, Julie never contacted Carnival about the Reunion cruise, never paid out our deposits, and never secured this cruise. This was found out when someone attending the cruise called Carnival to find out information, since Julie wasn’t contacting anyone. Carnival had not heard of any of us (she provided names from the cruise Facebook list of attendees), and none of our money went to the cruise line. Nada.”

You can read the entire email here. Hopefully this is a misunderstanding, bad accounting, or whatever and Bachelor fans will receive a refund pronto. If not, the stars will definitely not be aligned for future reunion events. If you have any more information about the Bachelor and Bachelorette Reunion cruise, please feel free to email us at

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