AstroChicks Story :

One of my favorite shows, Dancing With the Stars, has just been renewed for a new season on ABC. The celebrities are lining up to appear on the show. Not only do that make major cash, they also get major exposure. One reality star hoping to make the cut is Jesse Csincsak. There’s even a petition floating around for fans to sign here ( Click Here to Sign ).

In our new AstroChicks interview, Jesse revealed he loves to dance and would jump at the chance to appear on the show. In fact, he said he looks forward to take dance and cooking lessons one day. Why? He wants to share that experience with his future bride, whoever that might be.

Personally, I think it would be a great casting move by ABC. Melissa has been a huge hit and I think some of the previous contestants from the Bachelor/Bachelorette would be fun.

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