In case you have been living under a rock, Jason and Molly tied the knot this weekend in a VERY romantic ceremony. In attendance, were all your Bachelor favorites. It included Trista and Ryan, Kiptyn Locke, and of course Jesse Csinsak.

In some gossip mags, they said Jesse took Evangeline Lilly from the TV show Lost to the wedding. Although Evangeline is smokin hot, I spoke to Jesse tonight and he said it’s so not true. His date was Ann Lueders from Jason’s season, they make a cute couple. (She’s the cute brunette on his left in the photo). He said the wedding was an absolute blast, Molly looked gorgeous and the couple are  totally in love.

Jesse just finished his Olympics gig with Associated Press, where he was the host of Beyond the Medal. He’s off to Chicago this weekend and will be doing a cover story for another show around sports medicine. After that, we may see Jesse on the Bachelor Pad, or he may even get his own reality show.

Jesse, an Aries, has quite a year ahead of him. His career will continue to sky rocket and he may even find his one true love. Either way, I predict he will be attending a few more Bachelor weddings in the future. Maybe Jillian and Ed?

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