Ashton Kutcher, Movie Star and Husband of Demi Moore, Can add president of Pop Culture to his resume for Pop Chips. He’s looking for a co pilot to be his right hand man, A VP of pop culture. Former Bachelorette star, Jesse Csincsak is Campaigning for the Position. I know I would be perfect for the job Professional Snowboarder / Reality TV star told With the newest bachelor Baby popping out on Feb 2nd any dad would be in much need of a lifetime supply of diapers. And this job pays $50,000 not a bad start – spoken like a true Aries.

Ashton Kutcher received the presidential nod in june of 2010 after purchasing a minority stake of PopChipsInc. Ashton was dubbed president of Pop Culture, Oversee social media for the brand and have access to an endless supply of PopChips for his family and friends say goodbye to the munchies.

What Astrochicks wants to know is Ashton Kutcher and Jesse Csincsak Astrologically compatible as work mates ? Ashton Kutcher born under the astrology star sign of Aquarius, Is one smart dude always creative, Hes constantly bubbling with new Marketing Ideas and understands business.

Ashton Kutchers friendly style would be a perfect match for Jesse Csincsak, an Aries whos very action oriented. He would follow Ashtons lead and run with it. I think we have a bromance on our hands.

Lets hope PopChips will give Jesse Csincsak the gig. He definately understands Promotion and would be a fun add to the team. No word when pop chips will pick the VP but Jesse has Astrochicks vote… Dont forget to vote HERE

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