Every year we travel the southwest of the USA with our family and our horses, competing in different horse shows. Most of our shows are in Scottsdale, Arizona, Santa Barbara, California, and Burbank, California, but the biggest of every year is Youth Nationals in Oklahoma City Oklahoma every July.

We have driven to Oklahoma youth nationals pulling a large horse trailer with other horses from our barn, and my favorite is the easiest we have flown.

Taking horses to OKC

This year is Noah’s last year in the walk-trot ten and under age group. So he has high hopes for the two-week trip !! He has brought two horses with two different trainers specializing in each horse’s discipline. one Country / English horse named Casse and one Hunt horse named Julio !! I will post pics from the two-week trip below all week so check back for the details and Noah’s results !!

Scootering around brick town

One of our favorite things to do is ride scooters all over OKC! This year we bought electric Scooters and had them shipped to our hotel.

Seafood delight

Noah and I flew in this year ahead of the rest of the family. I asked Noah what he wanted to do on night one? He said scooter to our favorite seafood spot Crabtown in brick town.


Noah’s practice session on Finn gearing up for UPHA equitation which he rides in tomorrow.

Our favorite BBQ spot in OKC Pappys BBQ

I asked Noah where he wanted to do for lunch and he immediately said Pappys! We stumbled upon this place about four years ago. They have a laundry list of meats, but my favorite is their sides!! I always order green beans they remind me of the ones my grandmother use to grow in her backyard and make fresh for me when I was a kid!!!

Shorty’s Caboy Hattery

We needed a 3-hat hard case to travel with, so we stopped by Shortys Caboy Hattery and they got us set up!! Excited to go back by and get fitted for a new straw hat!

National Saddlery Stockyards OKC look at all them saddles

We Frequent the stockyards when in OKC. We love to walk and shop there. We always bump into the most relaxed locals and see some of the most unique things! Today at National Saddlery we bumped into some locals roping in the back of the store. Super cool to watch them boys do what they do as its an art!

Custom Sturgeon Boots from Hanson Exotics

Today we stopped into a new spot in the stockyards to get my boots shined up. The shop is called the sole brother’s shine parlor. These guys came recommended by every boot store in the stockyards, so I figured I better stop by. These guys know their exotic hides!! My Sturgeon boots have never looked better!! Also, these guys give shoes And boots to people who need them! So if you have some old shoes or boots lying around, you Don’t need them. Mail them to these guys, and they will find a new, much-needed home. Promised them a box filled with boots when I get home and can pack some up.

Noah Csincsak in the 7/3/22 issue of National Horseman Arabian

Today is Noahs first UPHA equitation class he’s super excited and somehow always seems to turn it on here at youth nationals

Day 1 youth nationals OKC