Jesse and Ann Csincsak with Kurt and Rich Wyatt at Gunsmoke Guns. Photo courtesy of Jesse Csincsak.

Tonight, the Discovery Channel reloads for sixteen episodes in season two of American Guns. This reality television show features Rich Wyatt, a gun master and retired police officer with over 20 years of experience, and his family as they work at Gunsmoke Guns. Located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, just outside of Denver, Gunsmoke Guns specializes in gun manufacture, trade and customization.  Additionally, Wyatt, along with his son Kurt and a number of trained instructors, teach numerous shooting classes as well as a three-day self-defense course.

Jesse and Ann Csincsak, both of The Bachelor fame, learned firsthand the importance of taking such a self-defense class. Prior to signing up for the class, they both agreed that they needed to learn the necessary skills to protect their family. However, they disagreed about having weapons in the house: Jesse was comfortable with the idea, while Ann was against it.  Jesse reached out to Wyatt, who recommended that they sign up for the course and said that he’d refund their money if Ann didn’t have a change of heart.

Of the experience, Jesse shares, “The class teaches you that a gun is a tool.  If you pull your gun and you own it, the bad guy is going to run in the other direction nine times out of ten. You have to present with self-confidence.”

As for Ann? “My wife had the fastest draw and shoot in the class!,” Jesse says.

Jesse Csincsak, Ann Csincsak, American Guns

Be sure to tune in to the premiere of the second season of American Guns tonight at 10 PM ET/9 PM CT on the Discovery Channel.  Keep your eyes open for Jesse and Ann’s experience as well, which will be featured later in the season.

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