Interview with Jesse Csincsak

Interview the winner of The Bachelorette? Absolutely!

Jesse Csincsak talks about his feelings toward guns, meeting the Wyatt family who stars in American Guns , and his return to reality television.

Why do you feel a gun is needed in your home?

A gun is like any other tool you have in your house: A pair of scissors, a bottle of Draino, a baby gate, a kitchen knife… All of these things if not stored or used properly can in turn kill someone including a small child.”

“If I don’t keep my scissors out of my son’s reach he could cut himself and bleed to death however those scissors are the best tool for me to cut paper products with… My Guns are the best tool I have to keep a robber from breaking in my home and hurting my family and just like any other tool in my home need to be stored properly.”

“Moral of the story is a gun is a TOOL and is the best piece of defense you can have against any threat. Let’s think about where all of the attacks on our country are done? SCHOOLS, PLANES, MILITARY BASES. What’s one thing all of these places have in common? YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO CARRY A GUN IN ANY OF THEM! If the bad guys knew the people they were gonna attack had a defense they would think twice.”

You will soon be appearing on American Guns. Are you excited to be on reality television again?

“Ann & I enjoy watching the magic of the editing room. It’s cool to see a week of your life be condensed into one hour” (Jess Csincsak laughs).

For people not familiar with the television show, it stars the Wyatt family. The Wyatts own Gunsmoke, a leading firearms facility just outside of Denver, Colorado.

How did you meet the Wyatt family?

“My Wife Ann hated guns, so I went down to Denver, Colorado one day and stopped by the shop [Gunsmoke]. I told Rich [Wyatt] what was going on and he said if you put her in my 3-day defense course and she comes out hating guns, I will give you your money back. So I DID!”

Ann & Jesse Csincsak on Discovery Channel

I bet Ann gets more experience with firearms in the American Guns episode! What can viewers expect in the television episode?

“My wife is like any other woman in America who had zero experience with guns; she didn’t understand them so she didn’t want to be around them. Now, after three days of training with Rich, she has a concealed carry license and can take her pistol apart down to the nuts and bolts, clean it, and put it back together.”

“She was the fastest ‘Draw and Shoot’ in our training course – even faster than police officers, retired military, and Gunsmiths! She can draw her gun and shoot it in under one second. Her time was 0.80. Pretty SEXY if you ask me!”

Jesse Csincsak Meets American Guns

Jesse and Ann Csincsak will appear in the June 26th episode of American Guns on Discovery Channel. The television show airs regularly on Wednesday evenings. Watch to see how the Wyatt family interacts with The Bachelor alumni and get ready for a few bullets along the way.

American Guns on Discovery Channel

The Wyatt Family Meets The Csincsaks.