Jesse Csnicsak, the winner of “The Bachelorette” put his house up for sale on September 3. In an interview on September 4, Jesse Csincsak explained this bold move.

What made you decide to sell your home?

“[Our current home has] two bedrooms and two and a half baths. Since I am now married with a son, it’s time for something bigger. [We need] at least three bedrooms and a two car garage with a fenced yard for our son and our dogs.”

How long has it been on the market? How long do you expect it to be on the market?

“It was listed on September 3 by Cindy Nelson of Coldwell Banker in Breckenridge. I hope it sells quickly, of course.”

Where will you be relocating? What made you choose that area?

“We have been looking in Breckinridge, not far from where we are now. [Our son] Noah’s school is close [my wife] and Ann’s store is nearby.”

How is the housing market in your area?

“Living is a ski town is kind of alike living in Disneyland; you’re in a bubble. People still come here in a bad economy and spend money. It’s very strange.”

What are you looking for in a new home?

“[We need a] minimum of three bedrooms, 2,000 square feet. A fenced yard and about an acre of land is what we are looking for. A two car garage with the capability to have a lock-off apartment for some rental income would be great.”

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