Okay, I want to start off by saying that my blog is based on MY OPINIONS of the people on this show. Alot of these people are not what their edits make them out to be and I am gonna point that out in this blog. So that means if you are going to freak out about what I have to say about each of these people NOW IS A GREAT TIME TO STOP READING! Also, I am not a writer or English major so save your spelling corrections and grammar corrections for someone who is worried about it (NOT ME). I also want to mention I would never say anything in my blog or in any other media outlet that I wouldn’t say directly to someone’s face! I know and have met most of the people I speak of in my blog. With all that said onto last night’s episode!

Talk about having a target on your back. Wow, Jake, I am so sick and tired of talking about you it’s not even funny. I just get annoyed watching you now. My wife falls asleep when you’re on and I have to wake her up and fast-forward the DVR to when they stop showing you.

I am not saying I am a fan of what’s going on with Vienna or Kasey. With that said what I am about to say has ZERO correlation with those two. Jake: no one on this planet would ever go on the Bachelor or Bachelorette or Bachelor Pad to try and get closure with an ex-girlfriend. REAL HUMANS DON’T DO THAT, THEY DO IT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!

I seriously feel like I am watching a rerun of Jerry Springer when you try to claim you are there to get closure! You should have wrote her a letter and sent it in a Build-A-Bear or something! The TV angle of getting closure will forever make you look like a TOOL in anyone’s mind with HALF A BRAIN! The only reason why you are still there is because the rules of the game changed!

Erica Rose – Girl, just because those dudes voted you the least attractive doesn’t mean anything! Anyone who knows you knows you’re a great girl! Keep you chin up, you can do better anyway!

Okay, moving onto group date. I just want to say that I have never met Michael Stagliano but everyone I talk to says he is a good dude. However, good dudes always seem to pick horrible girls. Michael, I know you are blinded by love but I promise you that you’re better off without Holly Durst in your life! And for those asking, yes I know Holly!

Holly you claim to be confused? What’s to be confused about? You have been doing the same thing to guys on TV for years! Let me refresh your memory on why you are a fame whore: you date the most recent person off of TV until you find the next most recent TV personality to date and keep your face in the press.

First, you latched onto Justin Guarini from American Idol. Then, when The Bachelor franchise cast you to go onto Matt Grant’s season of the show you broke up with Justin for the chance on TV months later. Matt got smart and sent you packing on a 2-on-1 date, then you latched onto Jeremy Anderson from season 4 as well as another final 4 face from that season of The Bachelorette. After season 5 of the show you broke off those relationships to get your claws into poor Michael Stagliano. After Michael fell head over heels for you and proposed 11 months later you and one of your girlfriends thought up the idea of doing a double wedding to get press! Once you realized you could get on Bachelor Pad 2 and you weren’t getting a TV deal for your double wedding you intentionally made things bad with Michael.

Apparently, things were bad enough to break everything off for the chance to flirt with a new face from this season’s Bachelorette. You also continued your little game of “look how cute and innocent I am!” Oh, and of course there was the chance of winning $250K, let’s not forget that. Sorry honey, but anyone who really knows you isn’t buying the fame digging bull crap anymore! If you don’t believe me just ask Natalie Getz, I mean, she was your roommate. I hope Michael wins this thing and tells you to PISS OFF and splits the money with Michelle Money!

Gia – Sorry you had to find out the hard way but Graham is a back stabber! Alli Travis said it last week. He uses his looks to get what he wants. Too bad you had to find out the hard way!

Graham – Have you thought about what you’re going to do when your 40 and can’t play the “I am a stud give me what I want” game? Just wondering. You’re a smart guy so I am sure you already know this but the 46NYC nonprofit organization stuff you do is all public record so anyone with a computer can get online and see who is pulling a salary from your little venture. Just thought you should know that…

Ames – I have to say dude, you’re a CLASS ACT! I know you’re rich but walking away from $250K for a girl says a lot about your character, rich or not! I have nothing but love for you bro! PS–will you give @Lilsak some Reading Lessons? Email me!

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