Okay, I want to start off by saying that my blog will be based on MY OPINIONS of the people on this show. That means if you are going to freak out about what I have to say NOW IS A GREAT TIME TO STOP READING! Also, I am not a writer or English major so save your spelling corrections and grammar corrections for someone who is worried about it (NOT ME). I also want to mention I would never say anything in my blog or in any other media outlet that I wouldn’t say directly to someone’s face! This is going to be a long winded one so bear with me. With that being said here we go!

This episode of the show, although long, was probably the best few hours of drama filled TV I have ever seen from ABC/Next Entertainment. Well done Fleiss & crew, you have officially entertained me!

I am going to start off with Rated R, I have never met this guy in person so whenever you hear me talk about him here or on Twitter/Facebook it will be specifically based on his character that you see on TV! Who knows, maybe this guy is an actor and is really a nice guy? However, considering he can’t seem to handle criticism, I doubt it. If you’re saying I just hate on him because he is a villain from Canada you’re wrong. I don’t hate all villains from the show. Wes and I are close friends and I have actually thought about moving to Canada a few times as some of my best friends live there.

If you’re going to go onto a TV show that 15 million people watch and act like a total TOOL you better take your criticism like a BIG BOY OR GIRL! William from Ashley’s season is a perfect example of this. This guy went on the show last season and said some dumb stuff but then took his haters like a man. YOU HAVE MY RESPECT! You should send your Bachelor Pad 2 cast member Rated R a little email explaining how to do that.

Rated R – You seem to play the tough guy/bad boy role. You took a girl’s rose before leaving! What a crappy way to treat a lady! Ever heard of class? I know they don’t teach that in the AA wrestling school you attend but I am sure there are books on it. Never mind, I will have Ames email you the description.

Everyone sees right through your crap and that’s why this time around you got sent home on night one (OUCH)! I’m not sure if you realize this but you get caught every time you try anything at all. You should stick to wrestling. Maybe Snookie from Jersey shore would pudding wrestle you? Sounds like a fair match up. I can set it up if you want, call me. I could even be the ref; my ring name will be Jaded J!

Moving on to Jake…wow where do I even start? I have personally met Jake and let me tell you it was an experience. Member what talking to the toy robot your mom got you for Christmas was like? Yep that was pretty much it. I think Kasey pretty much summed him up. I just took a Jake and now I need to wipe my Pavelka!

Jake, like I told you in LA when we spoke, people work in Hollywood for two reasons: the first is to get famous and the second is to make money. Personally I LOVE MONEY! Once you just own up to wanting to be famous you will be all set. Maybe then people might actually gain some respect for you? Just own up to being an actor! That’s what actors do, they pretend. The fake apologies and always acting like a robot needs to stop!

When you walked into the house and onto the back patio it was like a dad walking into a high school party (AWKWARD). Everyone suddenly started talking about the weather. Jake, nobody actually talks about the weather at parties! When the little girl started to cry on the sidewalk when she saw him I wanted to just hug her and tell her its okay, don’t cry little girl, you’re not the only one who cries when they see him.

I can guarantee you that Jake’s PR team sat him in a room for days going over every possible scenario of what might happen and how to handle it and he still blew it. Jake, I know some awesome male and female acting coaches so when you find out which side of the fence you want to play on just tell me and I will hook you up. Just a thought Jake, but usually when stuff doesn’t work, people most often try to make a change or two.

Moving onto Erica Rose – Erica needs to have her own show PERIOD! Erica, you do nothing but make me, Ann and Noah Smile. WE LOVE YOU!

Michelle Money – This girl is another perfect example of going on TV, getting a bad edit and having people like me bash you. But, she took her haters like a big girl and then stuck around long enough to prove to people that she is one of the sweetest girls on earth. Love you!

Vienna – Obviously, the first few hours of this show were the Vienna/Kasey/Jake Show. Producers loved and milked this drama! Vienna, you and Kasey know the game. Forget about Jake, Gia and all the other people that don’t like you and keep your eye on the MONEY. I have said this a million times, I don’t listen to haters because they don’t make my house payment. Don’t let them drag you into the drama. You and Kasey can do this, just focus.

Kasey – Like I told you before you ever got dragged into all of this, no matter what Jake does or says all you have to do is stay on the show longer than him! Beating him in the game will hurt him way more than beating him with your fists.

Ames – Dude, you just make me smile man. I hope you and Jackie work out! You two are very cute together. Hey, I am looking for a reading tutor for my son @lilsak. Can you hook me up?

Alli Travis – I like you even though I have never met you! You are sharp! You figured out the one thing that most people would never believe. Graham, Alli called you out about being fake and using your looks to work girls over! Who would have thought? Nice job calling him out! And if your asking yourself if I know Graham, the answer is yes, I lived with him for a month back in 2008.

We have 5 weeks left! Until then, I will see you next week. I am out!

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