Here we are back again for week 6 of ABC’s the Bachelorette season 7 with Ashley Hebert. As usual I am here with my behind the scenes opinions about what I saw on last night’s show. My opinions are simply based on my experiences on the show and my thoughts on the characters from last night’s show.

With that being said, here we go!

This week’s episode of the show was very interesting for me to watch. It was filled with a ton of awkward pauses and dramatic over- reactions.

The show starts off with Chris Harrison coming to Ashley’s room to tell her that she will get closure this week with Bentley “because he’s here in the building.” Ashley dramatically says, “SHUT UP!” Then after numerous awkward pauses and talking to herself for about 30 seconds, she heads upstairs to his room to chat.

Once Ashley arrives at Bentley’s door, there is another awkward pause before she knocks at his door. This is when things get interesting! THEY KISS… not sure why?

Then they sit down and start to talk IN COMPLETE CIRCLES! Bentley is like: well I flew here to see you and put on my shirt and YOU UNDERSTAND WHERE I AM COMING FROM, RIGHT? He says absolutely nothing at all that makes any sense to her, just like when he left the show the first time. Okay, so I think this guy is used to just talking to girls until they are confused enough to do what he wants. Bentley should have his own show in Las Vegas because he seems to be like a ventriloquist talking without using any words at all!

After a mini episode of The Hills, complete with drama and lingering awkward stares, Ashley finally gets it through her head that Bentley is a GRADE A DIRTBAG who uses women and that she should have listened to Michelle Money in the first place!

Ok, enough with Bentley — onto the other dates:

Group Date with Dragon Boat Racing:

This was pretty funny to watch teams recruiting people to help them paddle. It was funny watching people look at them like they were crazy.

Is it wrong that every time Ames talks now I picture him getting punched in the face? At least Ames and Mickey won the boat race. Well done fellas!

This group date was a big one for Ames! He won the boat race then proceeded to pull Ashley away at the cocktail party and give her the kiss of a lifetime; I was blown away when I saw this. It just wasn’t enough because Ryan then pulls Ashley away and she gives him the group date rose!

1-on-1 with Lucas:
Lucas says after walking through downtown Hong Kong with Ashley that it feels like they have been dating for a while. He proceeds to have a serious chat with her about life and it obviously it all worked out for him because HE GOT THE ROSE!

1-on-1 with JP:
This date was a bit weird to me. First off, it was strictly an evening date? When is the last time we have ever seen that happen? Secondly, Ashley tells JP about every bit of her past with Bentley including how she felt and why she was so bummed when he left. I can understand why she did it but it was totally unneeded in my opinion. JP was a good sport about the whole thing and thanked her for her honesty!

Onto the Cocktail Party:

Ashley tells all the guys about the Bentley stuff and most are PISSED! Blake, Mickey, Lucas, Constantine show their feelings the most! Blake calls her out and is honest with her about his feelings and that’s why I think he got sent home. Mickey impressed me like a true OHIO BOY and pulled Ashley off to the side and said SEND ME HOME! Ashley told him he could just leave if he wanted so HE DID! MICKEY, I GOT NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR YOU MY MAN! I WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME IF I WERE IN YOUR SHOES!

Onto the Rose Ceremony:
1. Lucas
2. Ryan
3. JP
4. Ben F
5. Constantine
6. Ames

Mickey & Blake Went home!

Next week & This Season – More of Asia then onto the Exotic Dates in FIJI and does someone else come back? Could it be Mickey? Only time will tell!

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