Here we are back again for week 5 of ABC’s The Bachelorette season 7 with Ashley Hebert. As usual I am here with my behind the scenes opinions about what I saw on last night’s show. My opinions are simply based on my experiences on the show and my thoughts on the characters from last night’s show. With that being said, here we go!

We begin week 5 in the ancient city of Chiang Mai, Thailand with the one-on-one date with Ben F. & Ashley. Ashley says she wants to take the guys on real life dates so she takes Ben to the market. Ben says he feels like he is on vacation with his girlfriend.

Later that day Ben & Ashley are near the ruins but apparently Chiang Mai beliefs say you can’t kiss at the ruins. Ben decides to follow the tradition, which is CRAZY considering you’re on a TV show trying to fall in love and you’re not from Thailand. In my opinion you don’t have to follow their traditions. Kiss the girl for god sakes!

Then, after a great day Ben decides to get real deep and talk about how he’s been an emotional zombie for 4 years since his dad passed? A little deep for me but apparently Ashley liked it because he got the rose!

Onto the group date: Constantine, Ames, Nick, Blake, Lucas, Ryan, JP & Mickey get thrown in the ring because love is worth fighting for. Muay Thai fighting – this date was my favorite thus far! Okay, I took Kempo karate for 11 years so this date hit home for me. By no means do I think fighting is the answer to everything. Most girls even think fighting is a turn off, including my wife. However, if you are ever in a situation where you need to defend yourself, or in this case your girl, then it’s good to know that you’re capable of doing it!

Ames has never been in a fight in his life? Ames you paid all that money for school at Harvard & Yale and you didn’t take a self-defense class? The last time I checked catching an ass kicking is part of growing up!

I don’t think any of these guys have ever been in a real fight. Why was everyone freaking out when they saw a Muay Thai fighter get knocked out? THEY ARE FIGHTERS, THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS! Mickey, you should be ashamed of yourself bud, we are from Cleveland! Fistfights are a part of living in that city.

The first fight was Blake vs. Lucas and from what I saw Blake did a pretty good job and he ended up winning.

The second fight was Mickey vs. JP and JP was the smaller guy yet still won! Mickey, I know some good Karate studios in Cleveland maybe you can trade some of my boys for cooking lessons?

The third fight was Ames vs. Ryan P. and of course Ryan won. Ames ends up with a concussion and gets sent to the hospital to get a cat scan on his dome. Ames buddy, you need to hire a self-defense instructor instead of taking lessons on your 15th language!

The last fight was Nick vs. Constantine AKA the BIG BOYS. Constantine won, which pretty much sealed the deal for sending Nick home because we really didn’t hear another peep outta Nick until his exit speech.

When the cocktail party starts Ames is still at the hospital so he’s naturally the talk of the evening at first. Finally he shows up and everyone sees that he’s okay. Then, after all the fighting and a super eventful day Ashley sits down and gives Blake the group date rose.

Onto the 2-on-1 date: Ben C. & William guide me to love. William starts out the date talking tons of crap on Ben C., making huge claims that Ben C is there for the wrong reasons and that he’s ready to go home and hit the online dating sites. What blows me away is that Ashley believes every word that William tells her and immediately sends Ben C. home!

Did I miss something here? Michelle Money told Ashley before the show even started that BENTLEY was a huge jerk and she disregards it and decides to just do what she wants. Then, when William starts making claims on Ben C. she just decides to send him home no questions asked? Maybe we should have had William write Ashley a letter saying Bentley is trouble then maybe she would have listened?

I am not going to lie  – I’ve had my questions about William. I don’t know him but because he is an OHIO boy I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but this guy honestly reminds me of a 18 year old kid from my high school. I was glad Ashley sent him home on this date as well: IT WAS TIME! The exit speech was the most depressing one yet. Pull yourself together!

Onto the cocktail party: Ashley sits down with Chris Harrison and long story short, says “I miss Bentley and I just need to ask him a few questions.” Without saying it, Harrison basically says get through tonight and I will get you a chat with Bentley! Ashley then says, I know people are going to think I am crazy for wanting to talk to Bentley but I just have to. Honestly, I get that she needs closure and I don’t think its crazy. The thing I find a bit nutty is that she would take William’s word straight away but doesn’t take the time to listen to her girl Michelle Money! Please feel free to enlighten me!

Onto the rose ceremony:

1. Ben F

2. Blake

3. Constantine

4. Lucas

5. JP

6. Ames

7. Mickey

8. Ryan P

Ben C, William & Nick all went home

Next week, you guessed it, Bentley in Hong Kong and all the guys start to second-guess Ashley. YAY more drama!

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