Hey it’s Jesse and I am back again to talk about the ‘Pad 2.

Tonight’s episode was interesting. I love watching all of my friends do silly stuff on TV.

Let me start off by saying Chris Harrison is the man! I don’t know how he handles breaking up all the cat fights on this show! It would drive the most patient of people crazy! Chris, I think I speak for all the past cast members when I say we love you. Everyone thinks that Chris says a few easy lines like, “ladies and gentlemen here is your fantasy suite” and “this is the final rose.” However, speaking as someone who has seen Chris in action, his job is not easy. He is a true professional in what he does and he just makes it look easy.

Okay, now onto the show breakdown. After watching the clips of the NYC reunion they aired here are my guesses of a few faces you might see on the PAD 2

Suzy Williams – Bachelor 5

Richard Mathy – Bachelorette 4

Brian Westendorf – Bachelorette 4

John Hardesty – Bachelorette 5

Vienna Girardi – Bachelor 14

Erica Rose – Bachelor Rome

Ashleigh Hunt – Bachelor 14

Ty Brown – Bachelorette 6

Kasey Kahl – Bachelorette 6

Craig R. – Bachelorette 6

Maybe even Wes Hayden Again

Also, I can guarantee you will see a few girls from this season of the show. If I had to make a guess I would put my money on Michelle because of her drama factor.

I love playing matchmaker with all my friends in my blog! I would personally like to give huge congrats to Jesse Beck on getting engaged. Nicely Done Bro! Who knows, maybe we will even see an engagement between Chris Lambton and Peyton?

As for Brad: I think seeing him on the WTA a few nights ago was the happiest I have ever seen him. Congrats bud you deserve it!

As for whom I think he picks there are a few possible scenarios.

1. Brad picks Chantal O. and Emily becomes the next Bachelorette
2. Brad Picks Emily and Ashley H. becomes the next Bachelorette
3. Brad Picks Chantal O. and Emily is offered the next Bachelorette but turns it down due to her daughter, giving Ashley H. a chance to become the next lady.

I’ll see you next week when Brad introduces the ladies to his family.

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