Jesse’s Insider Bachelorette Blog: Ep. 2

Well here we are back again for Week #2 of ABC’s the Bachelorette Season #7 with Ashley Hebert. As usual I am here with my INSIDE OPINIONS about what I saw on last night’s show. My opinions are simply based on my experiences on the show and my thoughts on the characters from last night’s show.

With that being said, here we go!

Last Night’s episode was kind of a Las Vegas gambling tease as far as I am concerned. On the one-on-one date, Ashley H pushed the limits on seeing how far a guy would go for a girl… I mean come on! Flipping a coin to choose the guy for the date, then a fake wedding date with William that made it all the way to the altar? But after all that William did get the rose! Nice work buddy. Will he win the show this season? Absolutely not!

For some reason I keep hearing the word CELEBRITY being tossed around week after week on this show. In my opinion anyone who is or was on Reality TV is a Reality TV personality, not a celebrity. Once the show wraps most Reality TV personalities go back to their normal lives and the same financial situations they were used to before the show. It’s just that after being on the show 15+ Million people now recognize you.

But I do believe there might be a couple of exceptions. One might be Jeff, aka “The Mask.” I am not sure if he will ever totally give up that mask again. He might want to save it for birthday parties, job interviews and the occasional pool party. That mask could make for some interesting dinner conversation after he gets off the show.

And of course the other guy who will have trouble adjusting to real life is our little buddy BENTLEY. What’s funny is right now I guarantee that guy is having his house EGGED and his car keyed by every girl he has ever tried to drop a one-liner on. They tune in every week just to see if it’s possible for him to be a bigger jerk and of course every week he doesn’t disappoint. What kind of person thinks so highly of themselves to say “I would rather swim in Pee than plan a wedding with her” ? Well bud I got a little news flash for you. You wont be planning a wedding with any girl anytime soon I PROMISE !!!

OK, onto the group date. I was pretty excited to watch the Jabbawockeez dance. Those guys are legends in the dance world. As for the guys who got sent home: WOW that must have sucked! I think I even heard one guy say they spent more time in the airport than they did in Vegas! hahhahahah OUCH! And the guys who won the dance contest? They will remember that for the rest of their lives. As for Ashley’s dance skills… I WAS IMPRESSED! WELL DONE GIRL.

As for BENTLEY, to whom Ashley gave the rose… What can I say other than, once they are done with his crap he will be GONE.

I have seen a lot of interesting ways to get a date but this one was straight to the point. Flip a coin! That pretty much figures it out right away.
Mickey wins the flip and JP is bummed. Mickey gets on a plane, has dinner with a view in Vegas and lets Ashley know a bit about him before she pulls the coin out again, telling him heads you get a rose, tails you go home. You could tell he wasn’t thrilled with the idea and what guy would be? The flip comes out in his favor and he gets the rose.

The cocktail party had the guys bringing out the man claws. William broke the GOLDEN RULE! Guys, if you have a rose that week, STAY AWAY from the girl at the cocktail party. Let the guys without roses hang out with her or they are going to hate on you. It seems like season after season, guys do this and get hated on. William starting bragging about his date in Vegas and the guys hated on him.

Next week our friend Bentley looks to raise the JERK O METER AGAIN!

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