Jesse’s Insider Blog: Britt, Meet Mark.

Hi everyone. I’m back to play matchmaker, and give my INSIDER opinion about which past and current contestants I think would make great couples in the future.

With “Bachelor Pad 2” just around the corner, it’s never too early to start keeping your friends close, and your lovers even closer.

With the exception of the current cast, I know the people I am writing about personally and I know that each and every one of them went on the show to really fall in love. So, if I can help make a little magic happen, then why not?

I have to start off this week by tipping my hat to Brad. This dude isn’t wasting any time by telling the girls “Sorry, you’re not what I am looking for,” or “Hey, you are EXACTLY what I want!”

My hat’s off to you!

Ok, now on to the couples to be…

Lets start off with Britt, the food writer from Washington state who got sent home last night. You are a classy girl and I think you would make a great match with a good buddy of mine named Mark Huebner. Mark is a veteran of Jillian’s season, and he’s the owner of a few pizza parlors in Denver. Just think of the possibilities! Mark is obsessed with good food, as are you. I know you’ve talked about possibly getting into the business end of food – Mark would be the perfect partner in life and love! Mark’s an honest, stand-up guy with a lot of integrity. With your sweetness and his class, I bet you two could bring home the gold. You guys couldn’t be more compatible. I’d love to see ya’ll team up on “Bachelor Pad 2,” and win some cash. Woot!

Finally, I want to talk about Michelle, the hairstylist from Salt Lake City. I am gonna pull a Brad here and BE HONEST WITH YOU. I wouldn’t try and hook you up with any of my friends from the show. Here’s why – I think you have enough problems worrying about what you have going on in your life without dragging some poor innocent dude into it. If I were you I would try to go on “Bachelor Pad 2″ to just win the money. It’s gonna be good drama and good TV.

That’s it for this week, folks. Tune in next week for more of my insider’s opinion.

See ya.

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