What really goes on behind the scenes on the dates, in the Bachelor mansion and at the rose ceremonies? How much of what we see is real and how much is edited to tell a story that will drive ratings upwards? How shocked are the contestants at the way they are portrayed, when they finally get to see the show, long after they’ve returned home? Is Mike Fleiss a genius or just a master manipulator? Does Chris Harrison spend any time with the participants during filming other than at the rose ceremonies? Are any of them sorry they agreed to do the show, or will they all say it was the highlight of their lives?

These are some of the questions I’m sure viewers would like answered when ABC’s 20/20 airs it’s two hour special on March 15, “Inside The Bachelor: The Stories Behind the Rose.”

We may not get those answers, but we’ll get to see some of the most memorable Bachelor/Bachelorette participants from seasons past. Jesse Csincsak, who will appear, says on his Facebook page that Jillian and Ed, Kiptyn, Ryan & Trista Sutter and Andy Baldwin are also participating.

Deanna Pappas tweets she is appearing, and she mentions Melissa Rycroft and Brad Womack are also included.

I’m hearing we’ll also see Reid (who many fans thought Jillian should have picked.) The only person whose name hasn’t surfaced that I’d like to see on is country music singer Wes Hayden. He’d probably tell too much of the truth for an ABC program to be comfortable with airing, but they’d be foolish not to include him.

All in all, it sounds like quite a show, far better than anything we’ve seen this season with Jake and lots more interesting than Jason and Molly’s wedding.

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