Jesse Csincsak schools a 15-year-old Colorado Springs girl in the world of snowboarding for MTV's MADE

Jesse Csincsak schools a 15-year-old Colorado Springs girl in the world of snowboarding for MTV's MADE

BRECKENRIDGE — After pro snowboarder and certified snowboard instructor Jesse Csincsak taught the MTV “MADE” casting director to ride, he was in.

Jesse Csincsak was recommended by folks at the Breckenridge Ski Resort to be the coach for 15-year-old Colorado Springs resident Tara Weldon, who would be filmed on her snowboard journey from “clumsy to kick-ass” on the program that helps kids to realize goals with the help of a personal trainer in the field they are working.

He said he was at first turned down because they hoped to find a female instructor that might be less distracting to the girl. But two months after the original casting was held, Csincsak was asked to give the casting director a lesson on the hill. He then did an on-camera interview, and was phoned the next day with the good news.

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Jesse Csincsak & Tara Weldon MTV MADE part 1


MADE coach Jesse Csincsak goes through the tricks, sailing around like it's nothing. When Tara follows, she tumbles. Her fear of falling overwhelms her, but then snowboard cutie Ian helps her up. He builds up her self-esteem and gets her focused on impressing him by conquering the trick. 

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Westword Denver - Big Heir Jesse Csincsak gives handouts in a hand-to-mouth sport

Big Heir

Jesse Csincsak gives handouts in a hand-to-mouth sport

Rather than wait for sponsors to find them, a handful of riders have flipped the tables and become sponsors themselves. Danny Kass, winner of last month's Vans Superpipe competition in Lake Tahoe, is one of the few riders who actually make a living at the sport. But he also sponsors his own team through his apparel company, Grenade Gloves.

Being your own sponsor has a certain "fuck you" appeal. "I got sick of trying to promote myself," Csincsak says. "I got real tired of being the guy sending out riding photos, saying, 'Hey, look at what I can do.'" So he tried something even more radical: He started a non-profit foundation to give money away to aspiring competitive snowboarders struggling to pay for their snow jones.

Csincsak, who is 26, moved to Breckenridge 7 years ago after falling in love with the town during a competition he attended while in high school. Any sane person with a goal of riding in the Olympics doesn't stay long in eastern Ohio. "We don't really have ski mountains," he says. "It's more like ski Garbage Dumps."

Aside from the mountains, the first thing Csincsak noticed after moving west was the social stratum. "There's two classes here -- your rich and your not-rich," he says. "There's really no in-between." He started giving away some of his ski days to more down-and-out friends. It felt good. So in 2001 he started J-SAK Snowboarding, a 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to giving handouts to deserving riders.

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Westword Denver Jesse Csincsak Best Snowboarding Attitude

Best Snowboarding Attitude

Jesse Csincsak

Most professional snowboarders are all about themselves: What move can I bust today? Will my picture be in the next magazine spread? Breckenridge's Jesse Csincsak is the rare exception: a professional snowboarder who gives back to his sport. Eight years ago, the 26 year old Ohio native started J-SAK Snowboarding, a non-profit corporation that raised money -- and then gave it away to promising young riders. The cash isn't about to make anyone rich; a season pass and some tournament entry fees are standard endowments from J-SAK. But for a demographic that is marginally employed to begin with, a few extra bucks can keep a boarder in ramen for an entire season.

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