'Assaulted' considering Jesse Csincsak to host Gun Control documentary

There is a new documentary being filmed and Jesse Csincsak of "The Bachelorette" could just end up the host of it. The documentary is called "Assaulted" and on Jan. 31 I was able to talk to the producer via e-mail to get the scoop. This looks like a great documentary which will be all about gun control in America.

Is this your first documentary of this kind?

The team production team we've brought together is really unique. Eric Katzenberg (co-producer) and Jonathan Fischer (editor) both have extensive experience producing reality TV programming base on firearms. Kris Koenig (producer/writer/director) and Anita Ingrao (co-producer) come from a background of creating science specials for PBS. By combining their varied talents, the team will be able to take a methodical approach to presenting the facts about the 2nd Amendment in America while cutting a program that is fast paced and visual enjoyable to watch.

What will be the main focus of the show?

The film will look beyond the events of the day to reveal the history of the 2nd Amendment and gun control in America through interviews with historians, constitutional law professors, politicians and law enforcement. Tracing the roots of guns in America, the film will examine the growth of gun control as a political tool and as a response to violence in our society.

Will this show touch on the tragedies that have happened in the USA recently involving guns?

Yes. We started this film last spring as a simple compare and contrast look at California restrictive gun laws against the rest of the nation but the tragedies at Aurora and Newtown expanded the film’s content with responses from lawmakers calling for new gun control legislation at both the state and national levels.

When will it come out?

We will be doing a theatrical release of the film in late March followed by a second release through the Public Television Network. Netflix and Internet based distribution will follow closely behind.

When can fans expect to see it air?

In theaters in late March and on air by May.

Do you think that you would enjoy "Assaulted"? Would Jesse be a good host? Sound off in the comments.

Click to see full story: http://www.examiner.com/article/assaulted-considering-jesse-csincsak-to-host-documentary

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